Programmatic SEO Examples In The Real World

If you want to dominate your online presence, programmatic SEO is the only way to go.

This innovative approach creates comprehensive content repeated at scale, giving you the ability to have a web presence ranging from a small site to a colossal one.

The best way to learn is by example! Here are websites using programmatic SEO to help inspire you.

1. NerdWallet

When your whole site revolves around comparison, you’ll likely collect a lot of data!

Such is the case of NerdWallet. They use their data on financial products to generate pages of recommendations for consumers.

Keywords targeted:

Best [product] for [feature]

Example searches and the programmatic pages targeting them:

Best credit card for no foreign transaction fees

Best mortgage for low down payment


Public records contain a wealth of information. puts old census data, immigration records, military records and more to work by creating programmatic pages about family names and past individuals found in public records.

Keywords targeted:

[family name]

[full name]

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor uses data about salary and benefits to target long tail searches for each employer in their system.

Want to know if a company offers free lunch? Or how much a software engineer gets paid there? Glassdoor has the answer.

Keywords targeted:

How much does a [position] at [employer] make

Does [employer] offer [benefit]

Example searches and the programmatic pages targeting them:

How much does a software engineer at LinkedIn make?” –

4. Spotify

Spotify has pages for every artist, album, and track in their library and also a “top tracks” page for every genre.

Their Bad Bunny page is the second organic result in Google, bringing in an est. 400,000 users per month.

They are automatically generated from the data fed to them. No one has to manually create the content for these pages.

5. AllTrails

As an app for submitting reviews about hiking trails, AllTrails has used their data to generate landing pages for any country, city, or state someone might want to hike in.

6. Coinbase

Coinbase has the latest info on over 3,000 cryptocurrencies, including current price, price trends, and market cap on Coinbase’s programmatically generated landing pages.

Each cryptocurrency is given its own page.

6. Congress .gov

The U.S. government creates automatic pages for bills, votes, reports, and elected officials (among other things).

This makes it easy to find info on legislation and representatives using search engines.

7. G2

G2 (a review site) recently celebrated reaching 2 million software reviews!

It’s an interesting programmatic SEO case study. G2 uses data gathered from reviews to generate tons of pages which creates a flywheel.

Reviews → search traffic → awareness → more reviews → profit!

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