Sports Datasets for Programmatic SEO

If you want to create interesting data driven sports related articles or landing pages with programmatic SEO, you need good datasets.

This part is too technical for most website owners due to the coding knowledge involved.

In this guide, I’ve created the best sports data sources for programmatic SEO that most of them are free. This sports datasets can help you for your programmatic SEO projects without requiring any programming knowledge or coding scripts.

Best Sports Datasets for pSEO

Here are some sports datasets including download link, available formats and brief description.

1. International football results from 1872 to 2023

Datasets Download Link: An up-to-date dataset of over 40,000 international football results
Available format: JSON
Sports Type: Football

The dataset tracks 45,315 international men’s football match results from 1872 to 2023. It includes FIFA World Cup matches, friendlies, and other full international competitions, but does not cover Olympic Games or games with B-teams or league select sides. The comprehensive dataset spans over 150 years of official international football results.

2. Sports Stadium Locations

Datasets Download Link: Latitude and Longitude coordinates of MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS stadiums
Available format: CSV

This datasets the latitude and longitude coordinates of the home stadiums for all teams in five major professional sports leagues in North America: Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, and Major League Soccer. The latitude and longitude are given in decimal format. Information about each team’s division within their league is also provided.

As teams occasionally rebrand with new names, build new stadiums, or get moved to different divisions by their league, the specific details in this paragraph may become outdated over time. The core purpose is to share the locations of these stadiums and provide context on which division each team plays in. A reader should be aware that this is a snapshot that may require updating in the future.

3. NFL scores and betting data

Datasets Download Link: Scores and descriptive game info for National Football League games
Available format: CSV

This dataset contains results and betting odds information for National Football League (NFL) games dating back to 1966. Game scores were compiled from public sources like ESPN,, and Pro Football Reference. Weather data comes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) with supplemental data from Betting odds information starts in 1979 and was gathered from up through the 2013 season. After 2013, betting data reflects odds listed on and was used to cross-check and supplement the betting and weather information. In summary, this dataset brings together NFL game results, weather conditions, and betting odds from a variety of authoritative public sources.

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